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Peterz Weel is a tool to help you recognise where balance or disharmony may exist in your life.

The website aims to provide a place where you can not only learn about how Peter has dealt with, and continues to deal with his Bipolar Disorder but also find information and resources to understand Mental Health Solutions.

Feeling associated with Bipolar Disorder

Illustration by Abigail Southwood Titled "The two-headed beast"

What is Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar Disorder
is a serious Mental Illness where the sufferer experiences severe, exaggerated mood swings. These moods range from Depression in the low form and Mania in the high form.

Previously, it was known as Manic Depressive Disorder to indicate these mood swings, terminology has since been changed to Bipolar Disorder.

Everyone experiences mood swings, however those associated with Bipolar Disorder are much more serious. For example, during the Depressive stage, these symptoms are present for at least two weeks.

Symptoms of the Depressive stage can include:

~ Excessive levels of tiredness, wanting to sleep all the time
~ The feeling of not being able to get out of bed
~ Loss of interest in things that previously gave pleasure
~ Lack of motivation

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Peter is available to speak on a wide range of topics related to Bipolar Disorder and Mental Health Solutions. These are his signature presentations and can be customised to fit your audience.

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A select list of resources to help you if you have a mental illness, or if you care or are involved with someone who has. The list is not exhaustive and we will add more information regularly.

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Peterz Weel

The Mental Health Wheel of Life is a diagrammatical snapshot of our life and how balanced or unbalanced it is, visually representing areas that need attention.

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Mental Illness Fellowship Queensland (MIFQ) provides specialised programs and services for people living with mental illness, and their families and carers.

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