Peter’s Story – Part 1

Peter was born in a small country town in central Qld, in 1965, the eldest of four sons.

After attending the local Primary School, his father decided a better education would be had in Brisbane, for his Secondary Schooling. Peter spent five years at one of the GPS Schools in Brisbane as a boarder.

It was during this time that he lost contact with a lot of his hometown friends and had to start finding a whole new set of friends at this new school.

Once again, Peter lost contact with most of his friends he made while at School. Unfortunately, the nature of Boarding School means that students come from near and far and after graduation, often go separate ways.

This was the second time in Peter’s life that he felt isolated and had to start again with friendships after losing touch with those recently formed.

Upon graduating from Secondary School in 1982, Peter was accepted into the Bachelor of Pharmacy Degree at the University of Qld. As his hometown was six hours drive away, he resided in one of the on campus, Residential Colleges.

Graduating from Pharmacy in 1985, Peter had to find employment as an Intern Pharmacist for a period of one year to enable Registration. He was unable to find a job in the Brisbane area, but was successful in gaining employment on the glitter strip of the Gold Coast.

However, the familiar pattern occurred again. All his friends that he made during his studies and while at Residential College, were now in the past, most living in Brisbane or moved away.

At such an impressionable age, approaching 21, Peter began to develop what he later discovered, to be the first signs of Bipolar Disorder.

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