Peter’s Story – Part 2

During that year, he became very anxious at work and experienced very persistent, low moods. As this was the first time this had occurred and his knowledge of these symptoms was minimal, he was not aware of what was happening, even though he knew something “wasn’t right”.

After a couple of months of feeling awfully low, things started to change. Without any explainable reason, Peter became full of life and energy and started participating in risky behavior. Before long he found himself cycling out of control to the point that normal functioning was becoming difficult. It reached the point where he couldn’t work and his behavior was very erratic. Eventually something had to give. Apart from being very unwell mentally (without the judgement to understand this), he became physically unwell also, developing a case of Glandular Fever.

Finding it impossible to work, he returned home to his parents for a period of eight weeks for rest and rehabilitation. Unfortunately, Peter’s health was still compromised but he felt that he should return to work. For the remainder of his intern year he battled serious bouts of Depression, still not recognizing what he was going through. Every day was just a struggle, nothing had the joy it once had.
Where was the spark and excitement that he once had ? If only it would return, thought Peter.

Only a shadow of his former self, somehow he managed to finish his intern year and became a registered Pharmacist. Upon completion, Peter once again returned to his parent’s home.

After a short time he decided to take a Pharmacist position in a thriving mining town, about five hours drive from his home. Once again, to Peter’s delight, the old spark began to reappear.

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