Peter’s Story – Part 3

Very quickly, Peter was full of energy, involving himself in the community with different sporting groups and hitting the party scene. He also spent quite a deal of money very quickly, at times his behavior was erratic and impulsive.

At this stage, after communicating regularly with his parents, they started to suspect that a pattern may be occurring. Very quickly, Peter’s mental condition deteriorated and by a stroke of good luck, he decided to resign from his job and head for the safer confines of home again.

Not home for long, Peter once again took a short term locum role at a Pharmacy about one hour from his home. This was the time that it really went “pear shaped”. The illness that Peter was experiencing was affecting him so severely now that he could not function, even on his first day on the job. His thoughts were disorganized, couldn’t make decisions, his judgement was seriously affected and he began to have hallucinations. His lack of sleep had begun to make him delusional. He was beginning to feel that he was a messenger from God.

His duty was to save people. Things were not looking good. Luckily, one of the local GP’s with his Practice close to the Pharmacy, had witnessed what had been occurring and intervened. He told Peter that he suspected he may be exhibiting the symptoms of Bipolar Disorder. Having studied Pharmacy, Peter had learnt a little about Mental Health and had some knowledge of this illness.

From that time on, Peter began living his life diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.

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