Battling the Blues …

“One of the most inspirational stories I’ve seen.  The story of footballer, Darius Boyd, his difficult childhood, his mother’s mental illnes and his own battle with depression.  The episode of Australian Story, aired on ABC June 1, 2015, is called “Battling the Blues” and I highly recommend reading the full transcript.”  (Peter Davis)

WALEED ALY, PRESENTER: Hello. I’m Waleed Aly. In a sports-mad country like ours, even Victorians have to accept that State of Origin is about as good as it gets. It’s one of the highlights of the sporting year for me every single year. And Darius Boyd is an Origin legend. But he’s also one of rugby league’s most reluctant stars, famous for shunning the media spotlight. That horrific accident to his friend Alex MacKinnon caused him to walk away from the game, realising that he needed to confront his own demons. But now he’s back, triumphant in Origin One and ready to talk about his battles with depression and how to make peace with the past. This is his story.

SPORTS COMMENTATOR (archive): On five, Lockyer again, they’re trying to go quickly. Greg Inglis – and now Boyd! Darius Boyd is in to score!

WAYNE BENNETT, COACH, BRISBANE BRONCOS: Darius is in the elite category. Yeah, he’s one of those special ones with, got special gifts. And he’s maximised all that with his attitude and his dedication.

SPORTS COMMENTATOR (archive): Boyd! Boyd! Stepping is over! Darius Boyd has scored!

DAVID RICCIO, SPORTS WRITER, SUNDAY TELEGRAPH: He’s basically done it all when it comes to rugby league.

SPORTS COMMENTATOR (archive): Morris, inside to Boyd! Boyd has scored for the Kangaroos!

BRETT KEEBLE, SPORTS WRITER, NEWCASTLE HERALD: Off the field Darius is painfully shy. He has a mystique about him, because he’s never let the media or the fans into his world.

WILLIE MASON, TEAMMATE (Ch. 9 news, archive) (laughs): Don’t interrogate my friend! Don’t interrogate him!

BEN IKIN, RUGBY LEAGUE COMMENTATOR: I think he’s made a habit out of being able to hide his emotions and his feelings and not discuss, you know, what he’s going through.

REPORTER: What about your own form, Darius? Are you happy how you’re going personally?

DARIUS BOYD: Oh, next question.

WENDELL SAILOR, FMR TEAMMATE: People that don’t know him: they just think he’s an arrogant sort of prick, sometimes, you know.

DARIUS BOYD: I thought everyone hated me. Everyone was against me. It was me against the world.

KAYLA BOYD, WIFE: He is his biggest critic. Um, he’s extremely hard on himself.

DAVID RICCIO, SPORTS WRITER, SUNDAY TELEGRAPH: He plays in one of the toughest sports in the world. But deep down there’s a turmoil that he’s been unable to rectify and it’s what brought his career to a shattering halt.

SPORTS COMMENTATOR (archive): Queensland there with their superstar team.

BRETT KEEBLE, SPORTS WRITER, NEWCASTLE HERALD: Rugby league players and the profile they have: they’re rock stars. You know, they’re celebrities.

KAYLA BOYD, WIFE: Yeah, they do. They get treated like they’re superstars. (Laughs)

SPORTS COMMENTATOR (Ch. 9, archive): Well! What a catch by Darius Boyd. They break into the delight of victory.

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