Peter’s Story – Part 5

During this initial stay in Hospital, Peter still experienced difficulty sleeping. The energy he had was a challenge to contain. Often he would be found sitting, talking with the nurses during night shift, until all hours. This was to be a learning curve for Peter. What he was experiencing were the symptoms of Bipolar Disorder, more specifically, those of the Manic phase, and he wasn’t realizing this.

Peter’s medication was increased to the point where it made him sleep. He began to learn that he had to sleep. His overworked brain needed a rest. Luckily the medication was effective and after a week, Peter was ready for discharge.

Recovery went well for Peter. His Psychiatrist recommended he take six months off work and allow time for his mind and body to recuperate. During that time, he was lucky enough to live at home and have his parents help manage his recovery. There were regular visits to the Psychiatrist, until he gave the all clear for Peter to resume work.

By this stage, Peter’s medication had been reduced. He was now able to cope without heavily sedating medication and just remained on a Mood Stabilser. These drugs work particularly well with Bipolar Disorder, as they flatten out the peaks and troughs of the extreme mood swings that are distinctive to Bipolar.

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