Peter’s Story – Part 9

Peter decided to leave his marriage of almost ten years, and his young family. He began a relationship with someone else and moved out of the family home into a holiday unit in Caloundra.

Peter’s new “friend”, also had three children. The relationship was a recipe for disaster. Peter’s wife was fully aware of the Mania that Peter was in the midst of.
The more she tried to help Peter, the more resistant he became. His children were too young to understand what was going on.

The symptoms of Mania lasted for quite some time. Compared to the Depression Peter experienced , prior to this episode, Mania, to him, was very enjoyable. If you think about it, all the symptoms are the opposite of Depression. That’s one of the main reasons why people, like Peter, have so much trouble coming to terms with the fact that, even though they feel so well, they are not.

Peter’s extramarital affair lasted almost one year. It ended with Peter realizing that he had made a terrible mistake. He was missing his wife, his children and his family as a whole. Peter approached his wife about returning to the marriage, hoping she would be in agreement. Unfortunately, getting back together wasn’t that easy. The timeframe was 1999.

All the excitement, joy and energy of a Manic high, very soon was gone. This was not because of the change in lifestyle arrangements ie moving back home, but rather, as a result of what follows on from a high. It’s a commonly known fact with Bipolar Disorder, a Depressive episode will follow on from a Manic episode.

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  1. Hi Pete finally sat down and had a look at your website . Wow it really moved me reading your story.It takes alot of courage to put your personal life out there.So great you have turned a negative into a positive. Well done Pete. Tina

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