Peter’s Story – Part 10

Once again, this dramatic mood change brought turmoil to the household. Very quickly, Peter became depressed, more so than he had ever done before. He had great difficulty getting out of bed, so much so that it felt like he was being physically restrained. His energy levels all but disappeared and he was constantly sleepy, but had trouble sleeping due to anxiety.

The worst feelings however, were those of sheer hopelessness, lowered self esteem and reduced motivation. He just wasn’t able to enjoy life. Things that he once found pleasure in, he had lost all interest with. All these symptoms he was experiencing were the complete opposite to those of his Manic high, earlier.

Additionally to these horrible feelings, Peter developed an overwhelming feeling of guilt. It was this guilt that seemed to amplify the negative effects that he was experiencing. He was to learn that guilt during Depression is a common emotion. It becomes the mind and body’s way of punishing you for what you did when you were on that Manic high.

As was the case during Peter’s previous Mania, his family were once again left to pick up the pieces and nurse him through this Depressive stage they now found themselves in.

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