Peter’s Story – Part 37

Fitting back into family life was going to be difficult. The family that he had basically abandoned for a period of five months. Not to mention the fact that it was the second time.

Despite this, Peter felt as though he was welcomed back into the family home. What an amazing family they must be, Peter thought. The children were relieved to see their father home again, finally. The Mania that had engulfed Peter for so long, in the lead up to the family breakup, was obviously not present. As a result, Peter was much less irritable and generally easier to get on with.

Rekindling the relationship with his wife however, was always going to be more difficult. Even though Peter’s actions when he was Manic, were those not belonging to a “well” Peter, the fact was he still committed the “crime”, and as hard as that is, he still had to take some responsibility for what he did. Here he was, back home with his wife and family, after he’d not only been apart for some time, but he’d been with another woman. To make things worse, this wasn’t the first time. It had happened before. It was going to take a lot for his wife to forgive Peter for what he’d done.

Was Peter’s wife able to distinguish his actions from when he was unwell with Mania and realize that Mania is the cause of that behaviour. When Peter was not caught up in his Manic episodes, he loved his wife and family. Unfortunately, Peter’s Mania had a habit of leading him on impulsive rampages where he didn’t or couldn’t consider the consequences. Two of the most common impulsive behaviours of Mania are, a shopping spree (usually with money you don’t have) and secondly, risky sexual behavior which can involve long term relationship breakdown for only very short term reward. Peter’s Mania’s were beginning to follow these trends.

Unfortunately though, the lack of Mania was slowly being replaced by the emergence of Depression. As hard as Peter tried to stop this from happening, the more he realized that he was helpless to do so, as much as he hated what was engulfing him.

He had been in this position before, about exactly ten years prior. Returning to the family, trying in vane to stave off the black dog of Depression. Trying to rebuild a relationship with his wife and family would be hard enough under any circumstances, considering this was the second time. But doing so with the clouds of Depression closing in all around would prove to make it extremely difficult. At least this time, Peter was more aware of what was going on, unlike the first time. Back then Depression was still a relatively new experience, this time, he had a little more knowledge, but the frustration of it all was still the difficulty of battling the blues.

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