Peter’s Story – Part 42

The way the public system works is, if they deem you improved enough, you will be discharged totally. Obviously it’s all to do with funding. The demand on the public system is enormous and it can only support a certain number of patients.

The problem is however, what then happens to the people who can’t afford a private Psychiatrist? Unfortunately in the Mental Health Sector, many patients haven’t got the means to afford a private Psychiatrist. As a result it can be a real battle trying to remain well and out of hospital without the resources of a Psychiatrist.

Peter and his family had slowly saved a small amount of money. It had been a time of very little spending and making the most of every cent earned. It meant that Peter was in a position to make an appointment with the private Psychiatrist who he was seeing prior to his long admission in the public system.

Still not satisfied with his level of mood ie Depression, Peter was determined that he would convince his Psychiatrist to prescribe an Anti Depressant.

At the appointment, The Psychiatrist took a complete recent history of Peter and asked lots of questions. Peter was satisfied with the interaction and what he thought was genuine care and concern. He asked the Psychiatrist about the idea of an Anti Depressant, explaining to him how he felt he’d made some progress but was still experiencing difficulty getting out of bed, socializing, lack of motivation and feeling tired all the time.

The Psychiatrist considered the request for a while. Peter was currently taking an Antipsychotic, and a Mood Stabiliser. Both at relatively high doses. There didn’t seem to be a problem as the Psychiatrist agreed to add in an Anti Depressant.

Peter then questioned the Psychiatrist about his take on the fact that Peter was happy to remain on the Disability Pension and do a bit of cleaning. It was actually a little more than that. Peter thought that he was only capable of doing this for the rest of his life. He had all but given up on the idea of pursuing his career in Pharmacy, convinced that it would be too much for him.

The Psychiatrist expressed a totally different point of view to Peter’s negative outlook. He told Peter that he has experience with many people in many different careers who have Bipolar Disorder. He explained, that continuing with the career of Pharmacy and having Bipolar is possible.

Wow! Thought Peter, this was something out of left field. He had all but given up on that chapter of his life and to hear those comments from a Psychiatrist were very uplifting but at the same time a little scary. It had been some time since he’d worked in Pharmacy and he would have to go through the process of reregistering so he could practice.

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