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Peter’s Story – Part 42

The way the public system works is, if they deem you improved enough, you will be discharged totally. Obviously it’s all to do with funding. The demand on the public system is enormous and it can only support a certain number of patients. The problem is however, what then happens to the people who can’t… Continue Reading

Peter’s Story – Part 41

Work as a cleaner began for Peter. He attended his first day which served as an induction. It was designed to show Peter what had to be done and how to do what was required. The number of hours per week was 16. The hours were flexible in that he could work whenever he liked… Continue Reading

Peter’s Story – Part 40

By this stage, Peter was wanting some answers. He needed something to help lift him from this Depression he was experiencing and he needed to look at formulating some sort of wellness plan so he didn’t find himself in this position again. He knew he couldn’t expect his wife to go through this trauma again… Continue Reading