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Peter’s Story – Part 39

Returning to work in a Pharmacist role was the furtherest thing from his mind. He had lost his desire to do any form of work at all. The Centrelink payments he was receiving were unemployment benefits, hardly enough to keep the family afloat. Peter had to make a visit to his GP to get a… Continue Reading

Peter’s Story – Part 38

It had been six months since Peter had worked in Pharmacy. During that time his Registration to practice had fallen due. As part of the application he was required to state if he had any “impairment” that may affect his ability to practice as a Pharmacist. It was necessary for Peter to disclose his current… Continue Reading

Peter’s Story – Part 37

Fitting back into family life was going to be difficult. The family that he had basically abandoned for a period of five months. Not to mention the fact that it was the second time. Despite this, Peter felt as though he was welcomed back into the family home. What an amazing family they must be,… Continue Reading