Peterz Weel : The Mental Health Wheel of Life

Peterz Weel is a diagrammatical snapshot of our life and how balanced or unbalanced it is, highlighting areas that need attention.

Let’s take a wheel of a bike, for example:  The centre of the wheel is the axle, let’s make this our “Life”

A bicycle wheel, to have strength, needs spokes: Let’s look at what some of these spokes may be;  Let’s see if we can visualize what happens when we add spokes to the wheel:


Examples of spokes are;

GP, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Pharmacist, Support Group, Sleep, Exercise, Diet, Hobby, Work, Volunteering, Friends, Family, Social Life, Passion, Spirituality, Relaxation, Learning, Desire, Purpose, Medication.

Notice how Medication is an essential spoke but we left it until last.

The full list of the spoke and their definitions can be found here.


Strength of the wheel

The Strength of our Mental Health Wheel is governed by HOW MANY spokes we have. The more spokes, the stronger and “healthier” is our wheel. This then leads to ;



Balancing all our spokes is very important. The Balance of our Mental Health is determined by how much time we devote to each spoke. That’s to say, if we can spend an equal amount of time on each spoke, our Mental Health will be in “Balance” and spin accordingly without any wobbles.

However, let’s look at the scenario when this is not the case. The trap that a lot of people fall into is spending too much time on the WORK spoke.

Let’s look at the ramifications of this. Think about it. If you spend too much time working, your other spokes will suffer, won’t they ?

At this stage, as we talk about the spokes that are affected by excess work, these should fade out.

You will have no time for Exercise. There will be no time for a Social Life and no time to spend with Friends. That Volunteering job you were hoping to start is now not possible. Your Diet will no doubt be affected, as will your Sleep. Do you think you’ll have time to create a Hobby or follow your Passion ? You probably won’t even have time to see your Psychiatrist, Psychologist or maybe even your GP or Pharmacist. Would you still take your Medication ?

As you can see, a lot of the Spokes are fast disappearing from the Mental Health Wheel. Before long, you may have only one spoke in your Wheel, and that would be Work. Do you think your wheel would work with only one spoke ?Obviously not !

This is the same in our lives. From this diagram, you can see how important it is to maintain a significant amount of facets in our lives (spokes), then, just as important, time has to be devoted evenly to each to maintain that all important aspect of balance.

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