Peter’s Profile

Peter Davis, Bipolar Disorder sufferer & educatorPeter has a compelling story to tell. One that, due to Mental Illness, has seen Peter and his family endure some very tough times, but importantly he has been able to emerge on the other side and make his life a success. All the while providing an inspiration to others and being a staunch advocate for Mental Health in society.

Peter has lived with Bipolar Disorder for almost 30 years. He has also been a Pharmacist for that time period.

Peter’s passion for Mental Health is very evident. He volunteers for St Vincent de Paul’s Compeer Program where he is partnered with someone recovering from a Mental Illness, providing a relationship of friendship.

He initiated and facilitates the very successful Bipolar Support Group of the Sunshine Coast, which has been operating for over three years.  Just recently a second Mental Health Support Group has begun on the Sunshine Coast. One of the members of Peter’s Bipolar Support Group, facilitates this new group.

Peter has done consultancy work with the Griffith University, to improve the relationship between Mental Health patients and their experience with Pharmacy.

Last year, Peter was recognized for his work in Mental Health, being selected as a finalist in the Queensland Mental Health Achievement Awards.


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