Support Group Tips

Helpful tips for Bipolar Support Group meetings

The aim of the Support Group, is to give everyone an opportunity to share their feelings, offer comfort and support to other members, to share helpful coping skills or to simply listen and observe.

Confidentiality is essential if members are to feel safe about sharing their experiences. We ask that personal information shared within the group MUST stay within the group.

Time is limited and it is important that everyone who needs to share, has the opportunity to do so. It is expected that new members may need longer, so be aware of how many others there are in the group and the time we have together.

If anyone finds it difficult to share with the group, that is okay. However they would be encouraged to speak to the facilitator after the meeting.

For a meeting to offer the best outcomes, it is important for everyone to
•    Be aware of the needs of others
•    Allow others to share without unnecessary interruption
•    Not speak with each other while someone is sharing
•    Respect the rights of others to share only as much as they are comfortable sharing
•    Help explore alternative ways of coping without giving advice and being non judgemental
•    Accept that if others’ coping methods differ from your own. Whatever works is okay.

It is important not to dwell on the negative aspects, but share the good times as well.

Together we can help each other reach their goal of recovery.

Regular attendance will help you to build inner strength, develop coping skills and strengthen the group.

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